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All your efforts will go in vain if you don’t set out your marketing plan and strategies that include powerful social mediums such as Facebook. And when we talk about Facebook marketing tactics, we don’t limit ourselves to simply post on our business pages and publishing direct ads. Facebook marketing goes beyond that! You got to be creative to leverage all the opportunities that Facebook offers to its marketers. Stepping out and thinking outside the box is profoundly significant for any business to increase its sales using Facebook. In this article, we will introduce you to a myriad of interesting and effective ways that will aid in increasing your sales using Facebook. Our below mentioned tips will undeniably put your business a league higher than your fellow competitors. Have a look:

1.Have A Shopify Store On Your Facebook

A Shopify store offers excellent integration with Facebook. The store allows you to sell your products directly on Facebook. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have their entire shop up for sale on Facebook. The good part is, your buyers will not only be able to do buy your products, but also share their valuable feedbacks and likes with you. By collaborating with Shopify, you can add products to your online store and even make whatever changes you want. Having a Shopify store on your Facebook is undeniably the most direct way to increase sales using Facebook.

2.Scan Your Business Page:

In addition to integrating Shopify with your Facebook, it is also imperative to scan your respective business page at least once a day. The purpose of creating a Facebook business page is to build a rapport with your fans, and hence, essential to scan the page at least once a day to see if there is anyone who is posting feedbacks or questions on your page. By reading the comments on time, ensure that you respond to queries on time, especially if it’s a question pertaining to purchases. .

3. Remarketing:

Remarketing of ads is a fantastic way to complete the sale of your products. Take a little help from a web developer and use this tool to send Facebook ads to those individuals who have visited your website but left abruptly. Remarketing ads play a pivotal role in reminding customers about their unfinished transactions and help them finish their sales, and thereby increase your sales. Once the audience is familiar with your brand by landing on your website, you can capture their cookie and remarket to them for at least 90 days.

4. Cross-promote By Uploading Videos:

This is particularly helpful for those businesses that have a YouTube channel. Since Facebook has a video option, it helps in recording and sharing videos as it is being recorded live. When you are recording a video, a notification of your live feed will go to all your followers, making it easy for them to make comments, share and like the video.

This means, if you have a YouTube channel, you now have the opportunity to cross-promote by uploading the video on Facebook.

You would be naïve in assuming that Facebook is only about socializing and catching up with friends. There is so much more to Facebook that you can leverage on. When you follow these tips, your business is likely to increase sales using Facebook. So use this opportunity to maximize your sales.

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