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SEO is the practice of increasing a website organic ranking in search engines. But what's ranking without revenue?

2.Conversion Optimization

SEO brings traffic, but traffic means nothing if it doesn't convert into $$$. Digital Marketing consultants helps bring PROFITABLE traffic. That's why your consultant should also be skilled in

3.Web Design

Digital Marketers skilled in Web Design use their Creative and Skills to design New Websites and Redesign existing ones it brings you a beautiful website that reflects positively for your Brands, but they also have a creative idea of the web layouts that convert the best.


Online Advertising is a great way to guide more Traffic to your site such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are much more than set and forget, a skilled Digital Marketer can lower CPC and Increase Conversions.


Analytics is the Discovery and Interpretation of meaningful patterns in Data. Analytics, combined with conversion Optimization can help you determine where Traffic is coming from, and which channels are the most Profitable.

6.Social Media

Social Media Today brings together the trends and best practices around enterprise Social and Digital Marketing. Some niches thrive with traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Many businesses tend to take on Social Media themselves, but a true Digital Marketer knows the difference between using Social Media as a business and as a End User.


Digital Marketers who have maintained their own blogs should have honed their writing skills to write for conversions, people and search engines.

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